viernes, 15 de enero de 2010


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MENEO otro brother de FOLCORE, se pone romantico, y nos regala este rolon en 8 bits, chip tune in a "romantic style"... ha!
MENEO another bro from the FOLCORE, got romantic, and share us this big 8 bit tune, a chip tune in a "romantic style"....ha!
MENEO un autre partner du FOLCORE, devenu romantiques, et nous partagent ce grand air de 8 bits, un chip tune dans un "romantic style" ….ha !

Danielle by MENEO

danielle lo-fi slow

a love song..lost in time.. 8 memories into bits...

its the honey
it´s the cat
it´s the song I keep forgeting about
it´s the cough and the bike
it´s the stuff when you're not.... by my side

borrowed camera
and massage
indian food and taxi cab
it´s the tango or a tent
11 stories to feel ok with danielle

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